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Certified Integrators


A ‘certified integrator’ is a party that, on behalf of a primary stakeholder (a funder, an institution, or a publisher) technically integrates with the OA Switchboard API in the standard message structure. A party can request to be awarded the ‘certificate’, after which a formal assessment and check will be done, and a decision taken.


The certification process is described in our Code, and includes:

  • the integration is operational for minimal 2 institutions and/or 2 funders and/or 2 publishers

  • the integration is operational for minimal 2 month, with sufficient volume

  • all direct stakeholders in (Stichting) OA Switchboard satisfied

Certified integrators, when approved, are listed on this page.

certificate awarded in 2021:

Appetence B.V.

about: We are a Solution Provider in STM Publishing, focusing on Open Access publishing activities and the transition to Open Access. Our solutions include implementation and customization of free, open source Tools. Our customers are publishers, institutions and funders.


contact: Ivo Verbeek

In recognition of Appetence’s role in shaping the technical solutions for publishers to connect to OA Switchboard over the years, and in successfully supporting implementation for many of our early adopters, OA Switchboard is able to refer publishers to them as ‘trusted solution provider’.

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