Stichting OA Switchboard

The OA Switchboard moved to the operational stage on 1 January 2021, and is now run from the new Stichting OA Switchboard, founded by OASPA in October 2020.

This structural governance and funding model supersedes the organisation and governance of the 2020 project, and the sponsorship model. The new set-up ensures a not-for-profit, collectively controlled collaboration between funders, institutions and publishers, whereby neutrality and independence are preserved by legal structure, governance and articles of incorporation.

The OA Switchboard will be financed via a self-sustaining business model and participation and involvement is open to all who meet the OA Switchboard’s purpose and criteria. The OA Switchboard aims to support all OA business models, policies and types of scholarly output and industry-wide representation and collaboration in developing open source solutions and services is ensured and formalised.

OASPA is supportive and actively involved through a strategic partnership with the Stichting OA Switchboard.

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The Board

A 'stichting' is a not-for-profit foundation based in the Netherlands. The directors of the Board are responsible for the governance and the management of the foundation. The directors for the Stichting OA Switchboard are:

  • Ivy Anderson, California Digital Library (representing institutions)

  • Rachel Bruce, UKRI (representing funders)

  • Liam Earney, Jisc (representing institutions)

  • Hannah Hope, Wellcome Trust (representing funders)

  • Claire Redhead, OASPA (representing publishers)

  • Ralf Schimmer, Max Planck Digital Library (representing institutions)

  • Wim van der Stelt (representing publishers)

The Board delegates the day-to-day management of the OA Switchboard to the appointed Executive Director, Yvonne Campfens.

Past Board members:

  • Paul Peters (representing publishers), 2020-2021



In line with the principles, the following bodies have been created in 2021:

Read more about getting involved in the Advisory Group and the Working Groups here.


2021 Advisory Group

The Advisory Group consists of individuals and representatives of stakeholder groups (primary and other) who will contribute by expertise to ensure community representation, involvement and input in product/service development. The members are appointed for a year (with the option to extend for other year(s)), and the group meets every two months on average. Participation and involvement are open to all who meet our purpose and criteria.

  • Colin Adcock, IOP Publishing

  • Shelley Allen, Head of Open Research, Emerald Publishing

  • Ekaterina Antonova, Chief Quality Officer, Trans Tech Publications

  • Kaveh Bazargan, Director, River Valley Technologies

  • Jamie Carmichael, Senior Director, Information and Content Solutions, CCC

  • Fiona Counsell, Head of Open Access Operations & Policy, Taylor & Francis

  • Matthew Day, Head of Open Research Policy & Partnerships, Cambridge University Press

  • Frederik Eichler, Co-Founder at SciFlow

  • Jennifer Fleet, Managing Director, Aries Systems Corporation

  • Sarah Gilbert, Manager OA Strategy, Oxford University Press

  • Claudia Heidrich, Sales Manager EMEAI, Royal Society of Chemistry

  • Martin Jagerhorn, Business Development Advisor, ChronosHub

  • Alex Kohls, Head Scientific Information Service, CERN

  • Leah Kristensen, Customer Success Manager, Manuscript Manager

  • Christina Lembrecht, Senior Manager Open Research Strategy, De Gruyter

  • Bill O'Brien, Senior Director Business Development, Aptara

  • Markus Putnings, University Library, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), Germany

  • Louise, Russell, Director, Tutton Russell Consulting Ltd

  • Anne Simoneau, Director of Business Development, EDP Sciences

  • Adrian T. Stanley, Chief Innovation and Development Officer, JMIR Publications

  • Michael Wachinger, Senior Director International Business, Thieme Group