Development roadmap

Delivered in 2021:

  • Iteration #1 (theme ‘integration’): Generic reverse connector (JATS XML to OA Switchboard standard message structure) & inbound (S)FTP (instead of http POST) & deals sheet (data extraction). Also: message structure changes (header and PO-field), reporting improvements (Excel) and various bugs and documentation (explanation of data fields in JSON message structure).

  • Iteration #2 (theme ‘reporting&integration’): Datamodel changes (split participants <> organisations), enabling new scenario’s and more flexibility to support different scenario’s. New type of participant: consortia. Restructured charges section of E1 and P1 message type. New field funder acknowledgement. Changed view for dashboard to display all sent messages, including undelivered ones. Changed view for DLQ to display messages that are sent to non-defined organisations. Pilot funders (implemented through deal sheet for custom connectors). Bug fixes.

  • Iteration #3 (theme ‘admin’): Extend administrator view with maintenance option for participants, organisations, relations (i.c. all onboarding tasks & simple maintenance tasks can be done via the User Interface (UI). Improve dashboard to deal with long lists of messages (pagination, server-side search, server-side filtering). Implement database proxy service, to improve performance. Implement tests scripts, to improve stability. Implemented more detailed logging and monitoring for uptime and potential errors. Bug fixes.

  • Iteration #4 (theme: ‘consortia & email notifications’): Consortia structure. (Implementation for some pending). Improved email notifications; Fixes around (email) notifications (e.g. deep links, missing info). Small fixes for admin UI (maintain organisations & participants, statistics).

  • Iteration #5 (theme: ‘message structure and auto-cc’): Auto-cc feature (generating a P1-PIO message for other funders and institutions in VoR). Evaluation funder pilot. Various bug fixes (a.o. around VoR license in UI). Message structure changes (add ‘non-CC BY’ and change ‘other’ into ‘CC BY-other’). Admin features (e.g. maintain consortia structure).

Planned for 2022:

The plans for 2022 are currently being finalised in coordination with our Advisory Group and Client Advisory Board.

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