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Sustainability is ensured through six principles

For 2021 and beyond we are building everything in accordance with our core principles, and operating with a governance structure and funding model that will ensure sustainability and preserve the goals of the OA Switchboard into the future:

  1. Neutrality and independence are preserved (separation of control and economic interest, no shareholders).

  2. We operate a lightweight not-for-profit collaboration between funders, institutions and publishers, whereby the entity is ‘collectively controlled’ and the cost structure is transparent.

  3. We operate on a self-sustaining economic/business model, whereby the operational and development cost are supported by service fees (with transparent pricing) for participating funders, institutions and funders.

  4. We support all OA business models, policies and types of scholarly output (provided they preserve the integrity of scholarship).

  5. Industry-wide representation and collaboration in developing open source solutions and services.

  6. We are an intermediary, and observe the researcher (author) proposition and interaction of funders, institutions and publishers.

Read why this is all important here.

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