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connect with their research and simplify their workflows

The OA Switchboard can be used by institutions to enhance their workflows, enable fulfilment of OA publication-level arrangements, make OA publishing highly visible, and more. Participation in the OA Switchboard will lead to enhancements in OA publication metadata and integration with the increasingly complex open access research and publishing ecosystem.

As an intermediary, the OA Switchboard simplifies the sharing of information between publishers, institutions and funders, and it provides a safe space for publication metadata.

We currently support two use cases:

  1. Reporting Made Easy

  2. Matching Publication Costs with Publication Funds

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Why join?

Consistent data format from multiple publishers

Reduce (manual) efforts & increase efficiency

Because it's the right thing to do...

More details on what institutions gain by partnering with the OA Switchboard here


Learn more about OA Switchboard and find tools to help you getting started as institution:

  • Poster (#OASPA2022 conference): A safe space for publication metadata
    Who is interested in receiving ‘easy reports’? Excel export for basic analysis. Standardised ‘messaging’ protocol in JSON.

There is also a complete overview of all Resources and generic Frequently Asked Questions.


California Digital Library

Support University of California's multi-payer model, and standardise the approach to tracking publications and spend

See more in the September 2021 webinar (recording here)

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Curtis Brundy
Iowa State University Library

Curtis Brundy is the associate university librarian for scholarly collections and communications at Iowa State University. A crucial part of his role is negotiating and overseeing the growing number of open access agreements they have with publishers.

Read full interview here.

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