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The Data Quality Challenge calls on the community to revolutionise publication (meta)data management by standardising information provided by publishers and allowing stakeholders to consolidate and process data efficiently.  


By enhancing data quality and completeness research funders, institutions, consortia, and publishers will be empowered to make informed decisions based on accurate and robust information. 


This initiative is enabled by OA Switchboard and builds upon community-wide lessons learned and best practices and is based on the core values of the OA Switchboard of Trust, Collaboration, and Efficiency.  


Your path to continuous improvement starts here. 


  • To work collaboratively across the community to improve publication (meta)data quality and completeness.  

  • To standardise the provision of data across publishers to ease consolidation and processing. 

  • To empower the community to make evidence-based decisions. 

  • To increase efficiencies across the community. 

  • To make this a continuous improvement process to meet emerging standards as the industry moves forward. 

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The overall goals of the Data Quality Challenge are to:  

Standardise & Aggregate: 

Ensure the publisher community is providing data in the same format, to make collection and self-storage by research funders and institutions more efficient and trustworthy.

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Import & Analyse: 

Allow the community to create meaningful analyses and their own reporting out of the data provided, and also enable them to import this data into their own systems to have correct and complete records. 


Enable the community to enhance and develop the data provided by publishers to support further internal workflows, decision-making and reporting. 


For Publishers: Lead the way by committing to continuous
data improvements 

  • Demonstrate support for this collaborative, cross industry initiative and create positive brand associations 

  • Invest in your future by committing to continuous data improvements 

  • Increase efficiencies – get it right first-time round, cheaper and more efficient than fixing it later 

  • Improve internal management information 

  • Develop more effective integration with the complex OA ecosystem. 

  • Improve customer relations by supporting their data needs 

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For Research Funders and Institutions:
Join the collaborative effort and achieve change

  • Be part of the solution to improve data quality and completeness 

  • Be part of the future for collaborative, cross industry progress 

  • Support the call to action by communicating to publishers the problems experienced by inaccurate and non-standardised data 

  • Promote OA Switchboard to publishers and tell them about the Data Quality Challenge 

  • Encourage your publishers to collaborate by explaining how improved data also benefits themselves

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