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OA Books Pilot

Pilot Users
(last updated: 19 April 2024)

Research institutions:

  • Eurac Research

  • Imperial College

  • Iowa State University

  • Max Planck Digital Library

  • University of Birmingham

  • University of Michigan Library

  • University of Rochester


  • Cambridge University Press

  • IntechOpen

  • Open Book Publishers

  • Springer Nature

  • Taylor & Francis

  • University of Michigan Press

Research funders:

  • National Endowment for the Humanities

OA Switchboard kicks-off project to explore an OA Books solution

21 August 2023

In line with guiding principles, OA Switchboard aims to support all types of scholarly output and plans for a dedicated OA Books prototype to be tested with pilot users.

Read the introductory blog here.

OA Switchboard OA Books pilot starts in January

1 December 2023

A dedicated OA Books prototype is being developed and will be available for testing with pilot users in January 2024. Research institutions, funders, and academic book publishers are invited to join for testing.

Read the full blog here.


We are grateful for the financial support from: Cambridge University Press, IntechOpen, Iowa State University Library, University of Michigan Library, University of Michigan Press, and UCLA.

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