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Posted also as News item on 31 December 2023

On this last day of the year we celebrate that it's been it's been five years since the idea for the OA Switchboard was born and that we’ve been fully operational for three years. We proudly share our 31 December statistics with you:

>723,000 messages were sent via OA Switchboard since the go-live (1 January 2021)

(‘messages’ = standardised sets of publication-level metadata)


The vast majority were sent by participating publishers to research funders and institutions/consortia to support the Reporting Made Easy use case (so-called P1-messages). In 2023 the number of publishers reporting via the standardised protocol grew to 29 publishers, with another 5 publishers in the process of going live.

To date, 17 (national) consortia and multi-site participants (jointly representing hundreds of sites/members) are connected to OA Switchboard. In addition, 149 individual research institutions/libraries and research funders have operational accounts in OA Switchboard. In total, over 6,000 organisations are set-up to receive messages via OA Switchboard.

In 2023, our participants continued to build a fantastic community of like-minded spirits focussed on a mission. We’re also grateful for our founding partners, our sponsors and tech partner, and thank them all.

Read also: 'Mid-summer reflections on our five years’ journey…' and see our FAQs for more information on P1-messages.

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