OASPA founds new organisation with

future-proof governance and funding structure
for the OA Switchboard

A neutral, independent intermediary enabling shared infrastructure, bringing transparency, efficiency and cost effectiveness to the open access ecosystem

5 November 2020 - full announcement here

When the OA Switchboard moves to the operational stage as of 1 January 2021, it will be run from the newly founded Stichting OA Switchboard. This structural governance and funding model will supersede the organisation and governance of the 2020 project, and the sponsorship model.


The OA Switchboard Initiative

The OA Switchboard initiative is a not-for-profit collaboration between funders, institutions and publishers to provide essential infrastructure, standards and back office services to achieve a breakthrough in the transformation of the market such that Open Access is supported as the predominant model of publication.

The overarching challenge is the complexity and administrative burden around the implementation of multi-lateral Open Access publication-level arrangements. The solution for this many-to-many-to-many problem is an intermediary: the OA Switchboard. The OA Switchboard is a central information exchange hub, connecting parties and systems, streamlining communication and the neutral exchange of OA related publication-level information, and ensuring a financial settlement can be done.

The OA Switchboard is to support all OA business models (provided they preserve the integrity of scholarship), such as APC/BPC-based, membership arrangements, transformative agreements, diamond, etc. And also all policies and types of scholarly output (like journals, books, proceedings). Our open source solutions and services are developed in close collaboration with the funder-institution-publisher community, and their partners, such as providers of submission & peer review systems, payment solutions, and library management information services.

The OA Switchboard aims to reduce complexity for all stakeholders (including the author/researcher), and to save time and money, so the ecosystem can work better for everyone, and can learn, adjust and progress.

Throughout the whole initiative we'll regularly report to and collaborate with representatives of all stakeholder groups. Status updates and demo videos can be found here and opportunities to participate here.


Steering Committee of the 2020 Project

Ivy Anderson

California Digital Library

Rachel Bruce


Liam Earney


Liz Ferguson


Hannah Hope

Wellcome Trust

Paul Peters


Claire Redhead


Ralf Schimmer

Max Planck Digital Library

Stuart Taylor

The Royal Society


Advisory Group of the 2020 project

The Advisory Group consists of individuals and representatives of stakeholder groups who will contribute by expertise to supplement the work of the Steering Committee.

  • Geoffrey Bilder, Crossref - Technical Advisor

  • Adam Hyde, Coko Foundation - Technical Advisor

  • Kamran Naim, CERN - Technical Advisor

  • Colin Adcock, IOP Publishing

  • Roheena Anand, Royal Society of Chemistry

  • Stacey Burke, American Physiological Society

  • Brian Cody, Scholastica

  • Fiona Counsell, Taylor & Francis

  • Matthew Day, Cambridge University Press

  • Gunther Eysenbach, JMIR

  • Jennifer Fleet, Aries/Editorial Manager

  • Rupert Gatti, Open Book Publishers

  • Max Haring, University of Amsterdam

  • Ruth Harrison, Imperial College London

  • Alison Hope, Emerald

  • Martin Jagerhorn, Chronos

  • Roy Kaufman, Copyright Clearance Center

  • Alex Kohls, CERN

  • Leah Kristensen, Manuscript Manager

  • Nick Lindsay, MIT Press

  • Michael Markie, F1000Research

  • Tasha Mellins-Cohen, Microbiology Society

  • Dan Morgan, PLOS

  • Max Mosterd, Knowledge Unlatched

  • Bill O'Brien, Aptara

  • Stephanie Paalvast, Brill

  • Louise Page, Gates Foundation

  • Damian Pattinson, eLife

  • Emily Poznanski, De Gruyter

  • Lucy Robinson, Sage

  • Johan Rooryck, cOAlition S

  • Elisabeth Shook, Boise State University

  • Anne Simoneau, EDP Sciences

  • Jeroen Sondervan, University Utrecht

  • Nick Taylor, Atypon

  • Bryan Vickery, Crossref

  • John Willinsky, PKP


Contributors and sponsors of the 2020 project

The 2020 project is being funded via generous contributions and donations of our contributors and sponsors who financially support the initiative:

  • Aries Systems

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • CERN

  • Copyright Clearance Center

  • EDP Sciences

  • eLife

  • Hindawi

  • Imperial College London

  • JMIR Publications

  • Max Planck Digital Library


  • SAGE Publishing

  • The Royal Society

  • UKRI/Jisc

  • Wellcome Trust

  • Wiley

Ongoing financial support is critical to maintaining pace and delivering on the OA Switchboard ambitions. We welcome you to get in touch on this topic if your organisation would like to be added as a contributor or sponsor, or as launching customer or founding partner for 2021/2022.


Project Management


Yvonne Campfens

Project Manager


Project Manager, the OA Switchboard
Yvonne Campfens

OASPA contact
Claire Redhead

The OA Switchboard Initiative is initially being overseen by Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA), a company registered under company number 52791092 whose registered office is at Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 5, 2595 BE, The Hague, The Netherlands.

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