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OA Switchboard
central metadata exchange hub

The OA Switchboard is a mission-driven, community led initiative designed to simplify the sharing of information between stakeholders about open access publications throughout the whole publication journey

for research institutions, libraries and consortia

who want to:
connect with their research and simplify their workflows

for academic publishers

who want to:
support a smooth and compliant author journey and report on OA publication output

for research funders

who want to:
demonstrate the extent and impact of their research funding and deliver on their commitment to OA

The independently managed, shared infrastructure provides a safe space for publication metadata.
The standardised protocol allows for the transparent exchange of data about OA publications, designed to operate and integrate with all stakeholder systems.
It eases the administrative burden of maintaining many-to-many relationships, and managing OA compliance. It reduces the sheer volume of manual information exchange.

Learn more about the 'intermediary' concept in our blog and video animations


Executive Director OA Switchboard
Yvonne Campfens

Chair Stichting OA Switchboard
Claire Redhead, OASPA

The OA Switchboard is run by Stichting OA Switchboard, a foundation registered under company number 80620698 whose registered office is at Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 5, 2595 BE, The Hague, The Netherlands.

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