OA Switchboard
central information exchange hub

The OA Switchboard is a mission-driven, community led initiative designed to simplify the sharing of information between stakeholders about open access publications throughout the whole publication journey.

--- a safe space for publication metadata --- enabling fulfilment of OA publication-level arrangements ---

for research institutions, libraries and consortia

who want to:
connect with their research and simplify their workflows

for academic publishers

who want to:
support a smooth and compliant author journey and report on OA publication output

for research funders

who want to:
demonstrate the extent and impact of their research funding and deliver on their commitment to OA



The independently managed, shared infrastructure provides a safe space for publication metadata.



The standardised protocol allows for the transparent exchange of data about OA publications, designed to operate and integrate with all stakeholder systems.



It eases the administrative burden of maintaining many-to-many relationships, and managing OA compliance. It reduces the sheer volume of manual information exchange.

Learn more in our latest video animation here


2021/2022 launch phase

The following organisations have confirmed their support as launch customers or founding partners:

  • Publishers: AboutScience, American Physiological Society, Beilstein-Institut, Berghahn Books, Cambridge University Press, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, Copernicus Publications, EDP Sciences, eLife, GigaScience Press, Hindawi, IGI Global, John Benjamins Publishing Company, JMIR Publications, Life Science Alliance, Microbiology Society, Openjournals.nl, Oxford University Press, PLOS, PNAS, Portland Press (owned by the Biochemical Society), Rockefeller University Press, Royal Society of Chemistry, The Company of Biologists, The Royal Society, The White Horse Press and Thieme Group

  • Institutions/consortia: California Digital Library, CERN, Columbia University Libraries, Consortium Luxembourg / BNL National Library of Luxembourg (member institutions here), EIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries), Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Iowa State University Library, Jisc (member institutions here), Max Planck Digital Library, The Rockefeller University, The Weizmann Institute of Science, University of Kassel, University of Stockholm and VSNU/UKB (member institutions here)

  • Funders: Austrian Science Fund (FWF), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Dutch Research Council (NWO), FNR Luxembourg National Research Fund, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, UKRI and Wellcome Trust

  • Launching sponsors: Aries Systems and Copyright Clearance Center

OASPA is supportive and actively involved through a strategic partnership with the OA Switchboard.

20210119_oaspa logo en webinar for websi

The OA Switchboard initiative

The OA Switchboard initiative is a not-for-profit collaboration between funders, institutions and publishers. It is taking charge of multi-lateral OA publication-level arrangements. Read more here.

The OA Switchboard aims to reduce complexity and the administrative burden for all stakeholders (including, indirectly, the researcher) by streamlining the communication between funders, institutions and publishers, using authoritative data. And, strives for the research ecosystem to work better for researchers, funders, institutions and publishers, and their business partners, such that Open Access is supported as the predominant model of publication.

The OA Switchboard is to support all OA business models (provided they preserve the integrity of scholarship), such as APC/BPC-based, membership arrangements, transformative agreements, subscribe-to-open, diamond. And, also all policies and types of scholarly output (like journals, books, proceedings).

Our open source solutions and the (communication) standards are developed in close collaboration with the funder-institution-publisher community, and their partners, such as providers of submission & peer review systems, payment solutions, and library management information services. We regularly report to and collaborate with representatives of all stakeholder groups. Blog posts are here and demo videos can be found here and opportunities to participate here.



Executive Director OA Switchboard
Yvonne Campfens

Chair Stichting OA Switchboard
Claire Redhead, OASPA

The OA Switchboard is run by Stichting OA Switchboard, a foundation registered under company number 80620698 whose registered office is at Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 5, 2595 BE, The Hague, The Netherlands.