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Microbiology Society use case 2: supporting authors

Support authors in their publication journey and help them find options to pay for the OA publication charges


If not covered under a P&R deal (see our first use case), an author's decision to publish their article OA may be influenced by timely clarification if and how the direct publication charges can be covered by their research funder or institution. How to reach out to the holders of such publication funds, and check if the submission meets their requirements?


Our Microbiology Society 'custom connector' (with private data store), combining data from several internal sources and turning these into the standardised OA Switchboard E1-messages. These Eligibility Enquiries are sent to the author's affiliated institution early in the editorial process, so there is ample time to align the situation with the author.

See more in the September 2021 webinar (recording here)


We are operational with all message types and scenario’s, and by mid-September 2021 we sent over 9,000 message since go-live.

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