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SciELO joins OA Switchboard with over 300 open access journals in the SciELO Brazil collection

SciELO Brazil is now live and connected to OA Switchboard to support widespread visibility and access to SciELO journals

São Paulo, Brazil, 13 February 2023


SciELO Brazil is delighted to announce a partnership with the OA Switchboard making it much easier for research institutions and their libraries worldwide to be alerted to articles of affiliated authors in Brazilian open access journals and connect with their research. Integration between SciELO and the OA Switchboard is now in place, and SciELO Brazil has begun sending automated publication notification messages (so-called P1 messages), with article-level metadata.

The set-up for SciELO to connect to the standard OA Switchboard API was developed in close coordination between the tech teams of SciELO and OA Switchboard. The solution builds on the established OA Switchboard ‘custom connector’ concept, and uses the Crossref submission report (notification callback/'ping feature') to support the workflow.

Abel L. Packer, SciELO director says: “We are very hopeful that our participation in the OA SwitchBoard initiative and the promising reporting on article level will contribute to the visibility of research communicated by SciELO. This collaboration is a good opportunity for learning on both sides."

Yvonne Campfens, Executive Director of Stichting OA Switchboard says: “OA Switchboard shapes collaborative infrastructure to make the ecosystem work better for everyone. The more stakeholders connect, the better the service for everyone. We are delighted to have SciELO Brazil, with their open access ambitions, participate in the initiative.”


Portuguese version: SciELO se une ao OA Switchboard com mais de 300 periódicos de acesso aberto na coleção SciELO Brasil

Spanish version: SciELO se une a OA Switchboard con más de 300 revistas de acceso abierto en la colección SciELO Brasil


For further information, please contact:

SciELO - Scientific Electronic Library Online

Roberta Takenaka (she/her)

Systems Development Coordinator

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