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Initial consultation stage
A part of Phase 2 of the 2020 project

We are very happy you’re interested in participating in the initial consultation stage. Below are some first topics that we're seeking input on. Please get in touch by e-mail to share your thoughts, and we'll be happy to discuss with you. Your contributions will be made visible on this page.

Last updated: 5 February 2020

Data fields
OA-related manuscript/article-level metadata

Journal manuscript/article-level metadata needed for an Eligibility Enquiry may be different from metadata for OA books, book chapters and conference papers. In this initial consultation, we are seeking input on the differences and specifics:

1. What OA-related metadata are specific for OA books, book chapters and conference papers (and not relevant for journal articles)?

2. What OA-related journal manuscript/article-level metadata are not relevant for OA books, book chapters and conference papers?

page created: 5 February 2020

List of relevant terms, with definitions

To ensure right from the start we all speak the same language, we want to create an alphabetical list of OA Switchboard relevant terms, with definitions for those terms. Think of words like:

- article

- author

- billing

- business model

- manuscript

- OA license

- publication charge

- submission

We are seeking input on terms and definitions.

page created: 5 February 2020