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31 January newsletter

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Dear all,

As we shared in our plans for the new year on 1 January, we're continuing to put great effort into achieving wider adoption and widespread usage. We've seen from day one that the OA Switchboard grows stronger with every participant, becoming a better tool for all. We are therefore delighted to report that five new publishers have connected to OA Switchboard, bringing the total of ‘live’ publisher participants to 31:

  • ACS

  • Brill

  • Bristol University Press

  • Canadian Science Publishing

  • Institute of Physics Publishing


In addition, we are delighted to also be working with BMJ, De Gruyter and IWA Publishing who are joining the list of publishers preparing to go live soon.

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OA Switchboard's low-barrier entry option makes it easy for publishers to get connected in a matter of weeks
Participating publishers can choose from four different routes to connect to OA Switchboard for composing and sending messages, and the different options are visualised here. We are proud to have included a low-barrier entry option for publishers to make it as easy as possible to get going with the P1-PI0 (Public Information Only) messages. Lead time is generally 5-7 weeks.


Committed to better support non-APC based models
Since our inception, we have been building everything in accordance with our six core principles. Our fourth principle includes a commitment to support all OA business models. In addition to the additional data fields in the metadata schema implemented in 2023, our 2024 development roadmap includes plans for increased support for diamond, ‘green’ and Subscribe to Open (S2O). Watch this space for more news!

“More than other established models, Subscribe to Open represents a fair, sustainable, and egalitarian path toward open access – not just for our humanities journals. We are proud to make S2O our highway to open access transformation and plan to transition 270 of our journals to S2O by 2028.“

Christina Lembrecht, Senior Manager Open Research Strategy at De Gruyter

Guest contribution from founding partner OASPA
“It’s fantastic to see OA Switchboard entering its fourth year of operations and continuing to demonstrate momentum, growth and broad global engagement across publishers, institutions and funders. When OASPA set up the project phase to run in 2020, we had a vision of what we wanted to achieve in practical terms and we wanted the process to be a true collaboration between all stakeholders, to develop this as a self-sustaining non-profit organisation, and to always have transparency and community at the heart. To see the numbers of participants steadily growing and to have stayed true to our guiding principles is really an achievement to be proud of. We’re delighted to have a group of new publishers go live on OA Switchboard to kick off the year and we have exciting projects underway in the areas of data quality and OA books - there’s a lot going on to be excited about! If you haven’t looked at what OA Switchboard can do for your own organisation then get in touch: The OA Switchboard Initiative”.

Claire Redhead, Executive Director OASPA

ACS Publications now provides open access reporting through OA Switchboard
ACS Publications are pleased to announce integration with OA Switchboard is now available for our institutional customers. This new feature simplifies open access compliance reporting, allowing administrators to produce reports for open access publishing in ACS journals alongside those from other participating publishers.
More information about OA Switchboard integration is available on ACS Axial.

Brill expands Open Access activities
In 2023 the announcement was made that Brill expands Open Access activities: joins OA Switchboard and now the reporting via OA Switchboard is operational. Stephanie Veldman, Head of Open Research at Brill, comments: “The OA Switchboard plays a key role in offering automated and scalable reporting to institutions on their Open Access output and metadata… We are proud to partner with the OA Switchboard to support Brill’s growth in Open Access models and deliver real-time publishing information to our customers.”

Bristol University Press offers easy reporting with OA Switchboard
The Read and Publish agreement from Bristol University Press was developed as part of their ongoing commitment to supporting communities in breaking down boundaries to participation in, and access to, truly global social science research. In October 2023 it was announced that they had joined OA Switchboard and easy reporting with OA Switchboard is now operational.

Canadian Science Publishing goes live on OA Switchboard
Canadian Science Publishing (CSP) announced that they are partnering with the OA Switchboard as part of their open science strategy, and have now gone live.

“We’re thrilled to partner with the OA Switchboard to improve the visibility of the work we publish,” says Elaine Stott, Chief Executive Officer of CSP. “This initiative enables institutions, consortia and funders to report open access information from all participating publishers within a singular data format."

Read their full announcement here.

IOP Publishing joins OA Switchboard to streamline open access data
As part of their ongoing commitment to open science, IOP Publishing (IOPP) is joining the OA Switchboard to make it easier for institutional customers to manage open access (OA) agreements.

Julian Wilson, Chief Sales Officer at IOPP says: “The OA Switchboard initiative supports us on our journey to make OA a reality by simplifying the sharing and reporting of journal information throughout the entire publishing process. It is OA infrastructure like this that really helps materialise open science.”
Read their full announcement here.

Do you also want to be part of this community? 
Get inspired by participating publishers' Cases, Testimonials and Interviews, and similar information from research funders and institutions and consortia. Or contact us to get acquainted and explore possibilities for your organisation.

Kind regards,

Yvonne Campfens
Executive Director, OA Switchboard

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